We'll do our best to help you in this process. We are not able to refund currency, as we are not the platform which processed the payment. However, there are a few tips to mention:

  • If you'd like a refund for a Steam purchase, upon contacting them their own refunding criteria will apply. It is possible to qualify for one. This will trigger an automatic purchasing ban on our system. You can dispute the purchasing ban, we'll only need you to submit a ticket with the explanation of the refund request. We'll take it from there!
  • Should you want a refund of keys from Playstation, let us know. Please be specific about the keys you will request to be returned. We'll do our best to remove them from your account. Then you can contact Playstation with a confirmation from us of the key(s) removal. From that point on, Playstation will follow up.

As a small reminder, our service agreement clearly states that DLC such as new bodies, is not transferable between accounts. These are also final, and not refundable by us.

You can submit a ticket here (Click!). We sincerely hope this helps!