I have been banned

We really care about providing a fun environment for players. Because of this reason if a player is reported for breaking our Code of Conduct we will review their actions and apply sanctions if we detect they did not abide to it.

All players are encouraged to use the in-game report feature when rules are perceived to have been broken and such reports will be looked through. Before a ban is applied, each case goes through a thorough review process and this decision is not likely to be changed.

For more information, please also read our EULA and TOS.

Information about abusive or toxic language ban

If you have been banned for abusive or toxic language, please have a look at this blog post of ours: https://www.rocketleague.com/news/new-ban-practices-season-4-rewards-update/ 

However, if you feel that you’ve been unrightfully banned, please sign in and send us a support ticket here.

Information about 15 minute matchmaking ban

When it comes to competitive gaming there is an automatic 15-minute matchmaking ban for the first player to abandon a "Ranked" game. If a player attempts to leave a match they will be given a warning beforehand, however if a player leaves unwillingly due to disconnection Rocket League will invite them to rejoin the match as long as the game is still going on upon re-connection, and will apply the 15-min ban automatically if the player does not re-join. Please understand that even if you did not mean to leave a match (E.G. disconnections) the 15 minute penalization will be applied automatically as other player/s in the match are still affected.