Season Rewards Counter - How it works

If this is your first season playing ranked here’s how the playlists will look like. You first have to play 10 placement matches to get placed into a rank before you can start chasing the rewards. 

Note: Up until Season 6, 12 wins were required to advance to the next Season Reward Level. This changed starting in Season 7

Here’s how it looks when no reward has been earned after ranking in Diamond. The player is 8 wins away from obtaining the Bronze Reward Level. If the player did not obtain the Bronze Reward Level, they would not be eligible for ANY Season Rewards.

When you’ve won the 10 matches in Bronze, the “Unranked” symbol will switch to a Bronze symbol and the counter will reset to 0. You then have to reach silver in order for the counter to start again, as can be seen in the bottom right corner.

Good luck this season!