Starbase ARC Patch! New content [Space Patch]

An awesome new Arena called Starbase ARC is available now, in all playlists. So is
Wasteland (Night), and Utopia Coliseum (Snowy). Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) will stay in all
online playlists through early 2017 and, Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) is a permanent addition
to the Snow Day playlist!

Did I hear you wanted some new antennas? Here is the list: Satellite Antenna / Video
Game Awards Flag (Updated for 2016) / Noclip Community Flag / NZXT Community Flag /
SDMN FC Community Flag / Vikkstar Community Flag.

What about a brand new and shining battle-car (Premium / DLC). We’ve introduced
“Vulcan" which includes the body itself and six new decals: Combat / Cryo Flames /
Medic / Space Worm / ARC / Armada. And last but not least, “Vulcan” comes with one
new set of wheels, called Vulcan as well.

Surely, we would not leave this update without at least one well designed new Decal and
one rocking Rocket Trail! Presenting, the Flower Power for Merc Decal, and the Lightning
Yellow Boost. One more item to discuss, the "Gizmo" and "X-Devil" Battle-Cars have
received visual upgrades. We hope you enjoy them!

In addition, the following skins have received a visual upgrade when used on the upgraded
Gizmo and X-Devil: Lightning / Flames / Skulls / Stars / Stripes / Tech / Wings.