(PC) Steam Workshop Map Support [Space Patch]

The Steam Workshop has been enabled for PC players that wish to create and/or play
custom community maps. This is a fun new feature, we’ve seen and experienced some
awesome creations!

How to use and setup your Workshop Map:

  1. Visit the “Workshop” section of the Rocket League Steam Community site and click the “Subscribe” button on any content that interests you, then Steam will automatically download the content.
  2. Open Rocket League, navigate to “Workshop” under the “Extras” menu to view and play downloaded content.
  3. For content creators, we have provided the Workshop Uploader tool with this Steam build that allows you to publish map content to the Steam Workshop.

Remember, this is a Steam feature. Therefore support for this will be provided by Steam.
However, if you have any questions for us, feel free to drop us a line via the create ticket
button over there on the top right corner.