Bug Fixes, introduced with the new Arc Arena Space Patch!

1. Car customization will no longer be lost when equipping a licensed vehicle. Any incompatible items will now be re-attached when switching back to a non-licensed vehicle.
2. Aquadome wall distortion has been removed to fix double ball image issue.
3. Frame Rate on Aquadome has been improved for lower-end PCs.
4. Players will no longer be randomly banned from matchmaking after a crash.
5. UI will no longer display the “New Item” indicator if the new item is a Crate and you have Crate notifications disabled.
6. Players are no longer forced into matches if the Party Leader joins a match.
7. Green shades of paint added to the primary car color selection in a previous update now work correctly in online matches.
8. The new Dualshock 4 controller is now natively supported on the PC version of Rocket League.