Player-to-Player Trading - Tips for Parents

One of the most popular features in Rocket League is Player-to-Player Trading, which allows two users to exchange items. Here’s how Player-to-Player Trading works and some tips to consider:

How to Trade:

  1. To use the player-to-player trade system, both users need to be on the same platform. This means: two PS4 players can trade together, two Xbox One players can also trade with each other and the same is possible between two Steam players. 
  2. The exchange will happen inside Rocket League, but the players must first start a party. In simple terms, they will have to form a private group within the console or computer. 
  3. When the players appear in the Rocket League trading menu screen, one player must click on the second player's name and invite them to trade.
  4. If the trading invitation is accepted, a user interface where both players can offer items will pop up. This is called the Trade Lobby. Players will only be able to see their own inventory, and the items their trading partner is offering.
  5. There is a chat option, so the parties can discuss things with one another.
  6. To move forward, both parties will have to accept the trade. A green light will signal when each user is ready.

NOTE: the exchange only gets processed if both parties have accepted. This confirmation is revoked if any of the players change a part of the trade. If any of the two players decide to remove an item or change it, both players will have to accept the trade once more.

  1. Finally, there will be a short delay while the trade is processed to give the players a chance to cancel the trade. A confirmation prompt will appear and the players will be notified of all items received.


Useful Information for Parents

  • To avoid any issues, advise your children to trade only with friends or people they trust. Although we take pride in all the positive aspects our community has, there is always a chance to encounter an ill-intentioned individual who can try to trick others into giving their goods away.
  • If a player offers a way of exploiting a game bug (e.g. They claim they can duplicate items) this is very likely someone trying to trick the other player into giving their stuff away. Also, note that exploiting game bugs for one's own advantage is against the Terms of Service.
  • Trading items for money, or any kind of currency (example: PSN cards), is not allowed and is against our Terms of Service. If any such offer or request is received it should be declined
  • For general trading best practices, another great source of tips, click here.
  • While Rocket League is rated E for Everyone, please note that online interactions with fellow players are not rated by the ESRB. For more information about this please visit this article

Please keep in mind we do not get involved in trade disputes, as trades are not monitored. Due to this, we will not roll back any account actions. It is up to the players to ensure the trade is fair and to only trade with people they know can be trusted. Below is a message all players receive when engaging in a trade (It is possible to turn it off by clicking the box):