Common Events questions

Special Events
We know everyone loves events and more will come after the Haunted Hallows one. The events will have different themes depending on the season, but the main features will all work the same way. When an event is active you’ll be able to find the information by clicking the 'Special Event' button on the main menu screen.
Earning and Spending Currency
During the events you’ll be able to earn and spend currency, there will be different types of currency for each event but they will work in the same way. All you need to do to earn it is to play (and complete) Online Matches. In order to spend the currency, just click the 'Special Event' button that will be available and start redeeming rewards.
The currency that you haven’t used during an event will disappear from your account one week after that event is over. However, items that you have purchased for the currency will stay on your account, as long as you don’t trade them away.
Decryptors are an alternative to Keys as a way to unlock Crates in Rocket League and they can be used for any Crate in the game (including Event Crates). The only way to get Decryptors is to buy them with the currency that you can earn during the event.
But remember: any Crate Item unlocked through the use of Decryptors will be untradeable. If you want to get a trade unlocked item, make sure you use a normal Key. Also, if you trade in 5 items for a new item and 1 of them is from a crate you opened with a Decryptor, the new item will be trade locked.
Event Crates
Each event will have Event Crates available for the same limited time as the event is live, and there are currently two ways to get them. You can choose to buy the Crate using currency that you’ve earned during the event, in which case you can open the Crate with a Key or a Decryptor.
Alternatively, you are able to buy Event Crates directly, similar to how you buy Keys, and any purchased Event Crate will not require a Key or Decryptor to unlock. Purchased Crates will not be tradeable, but items from purchased crates can be traded after the normal seven-day trade hold window.