New Party Matchmaking

Improved Party Skill Rating

Taking into consideration the feedback from the community, in August 2016, we deployed a new Party Matchmaking system.  

  • You can search for Competitive games in a Party with anyone in your friends’ list, regardless of their current skill tier.
  • Instead of averaging each player’s skill together in a Party, Party Skill is now based on the highest-skilled player in the group.
  • When skill ratings are updated after a match, the new Party Skill rating will be used to prevent players from ranking up faster by teaming up with lower-ranked friends.

This new system has major upsides. First, friends can still queue Competitive together even if their ranks aren’t quite close enough, and second, when players face off against parties of wide skill variance, the highest ranked player should be near their rank, not significantly above them. Finally, using a low-ranked “Smurf” teammate no longer gives any tangible benefit when ranking up.

As always we welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing how you like the new system. Enjoy!