I want to report a bug or glitch

Thanks for wanting to help out, we appreciate it and of course we want to look into any issues you are experiencing. Simply submit a ticket to get in touch with us, and please be sure to include the following details: 


  • Logs - Found in <My Documents>\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Logs\
  • .dmp files - In some cases you will get a .dmp file in the same directory as the logs.
  • DxDiag File
  • Press "Windows key" + "R"
  • Type "dxdiag" and hit “Enter”
  • Click "Save all information"
  • Save the file.

For all platforms

  • Explain what happens and exactly when. Does it occur consistently?
  • Screenshots and/or video
    • These are the most effective tools for helping understand and resolve the issue you’re encountering.

If you'd like to know more about the white hat, click here! 

Thank you again for your help!