How does the Crate system work? What can I do with them?

October 28, 2016 12:05

Thanks for your interest in our Crates & Keys system! It’s a great way to obtain exclusive decals, wheels, rocket trails, and even “Import” car bodies. By purchasing Keys to open crates you are also helping to fund upcoming eSports events and prize pools.

Crates will drop at random after completing online matches in addition to the normal post-game item rewards. You then have the option to use a key to unlock the crate and obtain an exclusive item from that series. You can obtain keys by either purchasing them or through Player-to-Player Trading.

There are several crate series available and each contains a different item set. You can preview the items in a series by selecting a crate from your inventory. From there you will also be able to see which items from the set you already own.

Crate items can also be used in our existing Trade-In System. The only additional restriction when doing so is that crate items must be traded in with items from the same series. You can read more about that here.

Crates can also be traded between players through Player-to-Player Trading.


  • Player-to-Player Trading can only be done with people playing on the same platform as you.

Be sure to exercise caution when engaging in Player-to-Player Trading. It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that a trade is fair and equitable before accepting the trade. You can read more about our recommendations in this article.