Account Safety - How to Prevent Having a Compromised Account

Whether you are on console or PC, it is always crucial to make sure that your platform's account login information is entirely secured. Here's what can be done to prevent your account from being compromised, as well as what should be completely avoided when it comes to sharing information with others online.

Additional Security

Psyonix recommends adding Two-Step Verification to your account. You can find out how to setup Two-Step Verification for your account on your platform here:

Official Support / Channels

You may only reach out our official Support team by submitting a ticket on this site ( Alternatively, you may also reach out to us through Twitter (@RocketLeague or @RL_Support, if you are looking for support) or Facebook (/RocketLeague) - all accounts are verified.

For a chance to receive Fan Rewards, you are only required to link your Twitch account through Read this article for a step-by-step guide on how to link and unlink your accounts!

Phishing and fake E-mail addresses

Phishing is when a scammer attempts to trick someone into giving personal information, such as an account's login details through a fake and unofficial website or email address, where they pretend to be the official entity.

Fake E-mail Address

Some scammers may create fake email addresses, posing as a support team and promising that items will be placed in your account. These claims are entirely false and it is important that you are aware of the following disclaimers: 

  • Psyonix will NEVER ask for your login information - no exceptions. No help provided will ever require the support team to have your personal login information
  • Psyonix does not offer Support via any email address whose domain is Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any others of that nature
  • Psyonix does not rollback trades that have been completed; please be sure to read all the information in this article
Fake Websites 

There are other scammers who try to recreate official sites in order to trick players into providing personal information. Make sure that you keep the following in mind:

  • The sites mentioned under "Official Support and Sites" are the only ones that you may trust as official from Psyonix
  • Double check the address displayed in the browser's address bar. Scammers may try to use URL's that are very similar to our official sites
Other Red Flags

No Psyonix employee will ever contact you directly through private messages on the platform's or game's chat to request any information, much less to warn or threaten about any particular issue (e.g. saying your account will be banned). Please do not trust anyone who claims to be an employee; regardless of how official their username may seem. If in doubt please reach out to us by submitting a ticket so we can help!

Psyonix does not hold nor sponsor any sort of giveaway which may require you to log in to a website or give out your password. Any kind of special event will only be announced through our blog and/or social media channels.