Levels, Titles and Experience Points (XP)

What are Experience Points? How do they affect my Level?

As you play the game, you acquire Experience Points (XP). These points help you level up. Initially, you start as Level 1 and can level up to Level 75 (maximum level available). 

Can I acquire XP offline and online?

Playing online gives you a certain amount of XP, and playing offline will give you exactly half those points. These points are earned through scoring goals, shooting center balls, defending goals, winning matches, etc.

What are Titles?

Depending on the level you have reached, different titles will be displayed. Titles do not reflect skill or ability, nor do they affect the Tier Ranking on the Competitive playlists. They only show how many points you have managed to add up over time. 

The Titles available from leveling up are the following:

  • Rookie From level 1  
  • Semi-Pro From level 10
  • Pro From level 20
  • Veteran From level 30
  • Expert From level 40
  • Master From level 50
  • Legend From level 60
  • Rocketeer Level 74 and 75

I don't want others to see my Title, can I hide it?

Certainly! Since your Title does not necessarily reflect skill, everyone has the option not to display their level by going to the Garage sub-menu, select the tag icon and then choose the "None" option.

Can I reset my Level/Title/Experience Points?

Given that this information is not stored locally, but on our servers, there is currently no way to reset nor manually modify this information. 

When playing Online, will I get paired with other people that have my same Level and Title?

You may, but this is not a criteria used by the Matchmaking system. Players' Levels do not always go hand-in-hand with their skills, which is why the system uses different criteria when pairing you with and against other players.