What information is stored locally and what on the server?

While most of the game and account information is stored on our servers, there are some things that are only located on your console or PC.

What is stored on the servers?

We want to make sure that your gameplay experience is not affected if you even if something happens to your local savegame or maybe just play from a different PC/console occasionally. Because of that, all of the following information is stored on our servers:

  • XP, levels and titles
  • Inventory (all items, from common to import)
  • Matchmaking information (ranks, skill rating, etc.)

What is stored locally?

On the other hand, there is some information that is only stored on your local machine. This is all either purely cosmetic or, in case of settings, something that you might want to vary depending on where you play since especially on PC your setup might not always be the same. This information includes:

  • Replays
  • Game settings
  • Presets
  • Statistics

Because these are not saved on our servers, we are unable to restore them from our end if the files somehow are lost or damaged. For that reason, we strongly recommend keeping a backup of your save files if you have very specific settings you like to play with, awesome replays you really don't want to lose or anything along those lines.