Can I purchase a physical version of Rocket League? - Collector's Edition

Yes you can! The game has a special Collector’s Edition that comes in disc form (Cartridge for Switch). Note that this is not available for PC/Steam

“What’s in it,” you say? Glad you asked! Every version of the Rocket League Collector’s Edition comes with these awesome goodies:

  • The Original Rocket League base game
  • Three complete DLC Packs:
    • Supersonic Fury
    • Revenge of the Battle-Cars
    • Chaos Run
  • Four Premium DLC Battle-Cars:
    • Esper
    • Masamune
    • Aftershock
    • Marauder 
  • Limited Edition Art Print by Psyonix Concept Artist, Jay Zhang
  • The Flash wheels and banner + DC Comics Player Banner [not available in the older, non-Warner Brothers version]


As of November 2017, the Collector's Edition was updated for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and it is distributed by our partner, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. 

Does the updated Collector's Edition contain new content?

  • Yes! In partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocket League: Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch contains cool new content, featuring Wheels and a Player Banner inspired by DC Comics’ The Flash! As an added bonus, you will also receive a DC Comics Player Banner
  • This new content can be unlocked with the code included with the game. This code is to be redeemed in-game, instead of through the platform.

How can you unlock the DLC?

  • The previous version of the Collector’s Edition included a code that was redeemable through the platform.
  • The Warner Bros. version only includes one code1 for the DC Comics content (redeemed within the game) and the DLCs are included in the disc; the content is available once the game has been installed from the disc.

Is the DC Comics content exclusive for the owners of the updated Collector's Edition?

  • You may obtain the DC Comics content with the Collector's Edition, or by purchasing the DC Super Heroes DLC2

1 PS4 EU copies include two codes. The code for The Flash wheels + DC Comics banners should be redeemed in-game, and the DLCs code with the PSN code redemption feature.
Not all of the content in the DLC Super Heroes DLC is included in the Collector's Edition.