Tournaments FAQ

Our Tournaments system allows you to create both public and private tournament brackets with a variety of different settings. You can set as many, or as few, rules as you'd like. The Tournaments feature offers the same wide selection of settings that are available when creating matches in-game. To get involved in the Tournaments system, follow the 'Play' button into the Tournaments menu and you're all set!


How can I search for Tournaments? - Select find Tournaments

Here you can browse for Tournaments by team size with the option of setting a custom filter to fine-tune your search.


How can I access my current and past Tournaments? - Select my Tournaments

Here you will find listed all of the Tournaments you're subscribed to, as well as the Tournaments that you have created. 


How can I create a Tournament? - Select create a Tournament

Here you can create a Tournament by establishing your custom settings. Once the tournament is created, other players will be able to join through the in-game browser. 


Is there a spectator mode available in Tournaments?

Yes, however, Spectator mode is only available for the creator of the Tournament. 


How can I join a Tournament with a friend? - Select Join Private

Here you will be able to join a private Tournament by entering a Name and Password (previously set by the owner of the Tournament). The Name/Password option also allows you to play with friends that are on a different platform. Check platform compatibility here). Also, you can select the closest region to all of the participants to ensure an optimal connection between players. 


How do I set requirements for my Tournament? - Select Joinable By

This option lets you decide if your Tournament is either private or public. You can also set your own Tournament requirements by establishing the following parameters: Platform, minimum and maximum rank, which allow you to be matched with players of the same skill level.  


How do I select which specific arenas to play in during the Tournament? - Select Arena Rotation

Depending on your likings, you and your friends can choose which arenas to play in throughout the Tournament.