How do I restart a modem or router?

Restarting the modem or router can clear up many connection issues.

Modems and routers are like computers. The longer they are on the more junk fills their memory. Restarting will clear out all the garbage, improving performance.

It's a good idea to restart your modem or router at least once a month. This will ensure they are always working at peak performance.

  1. Shut down your computer or console
  2. Unplug the modem and router (if you have a router) from the power source
    • All the lights on the modem and router should be off
  3. Leave unplugged for about a minute
  4. Plug the modem back into the power source
  5. Wait until the Internet/Wifi light turns green or stops blinking (typical with most modems, although some may not have these lights)
  6. If you have a router, plug it back into the power source
    • Wait about a minute for it to connect
  7. Turn your computer or console back on
  8. Try connecting to the internet
    • Try browsing to a web page that you haven't visited in a while